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Camcorder PANASONIC (CGA DU21) battery, brand new, high quality, cheap price! LI-ION Battery for PANASONIC CGA-DU21 camcorder. Aim at 100% capacity with the OEM CGA-DU21 battery and no memory effect. It is reliable and cost-effective to have such a CGA-DU21 battery pack. At the same time, we also offer digital camera batteries and battery chargers for you. The CGA-DU21 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camcorder Battery specifications. Fast shipping, safe shopping, full one-year warranty and 30-day money back!

Replacement for PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camcorder Batteries

--Battery Type : LI-ION
--Volts: 7.4V(Compatible with 7.2V)
--Capacity: 2000mAh
--Color: BLACK
--Dimension: 41.42x36.05x42.05mm
--Net Weight: 95.50g
--Battery Number : ECPS019K
Note: Brand new, best replacement for the original PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camcorder Batteries product. Full 1 year warranty!

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PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camcorder batteries sell in UK and Europe
PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camera batteries sell at a loss in CA

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PANASONIC CGA-DU21 Camcorder Batteries Camcorder battery pack, Brand new, OEM compatible, 1 year warranty, fast shipping .

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